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Build a Controller for the 282 Portal Crane

I found a relatively complete 282 Portal Crane in pieces at the bottom of a box at a local train meet.  It was without the 282-200 controller but I wasn't dismayed, the price was right.  I decided to build a controller since it's difficult to find a replacement.  Refer to the wiring diagram for details.

 Parts needed are:

1 ea terminal strip with 5 screw posts (output to crane)

1 ea terminal strip with 2 screw posts (input from XFMR)

1 ea single pole, double throw, center off, momentary (both ways) switch.  This runs the motor both forward and reverse.  (Part 'a' in the diagram.)

1 ea single pole, single throw switch.  This switch turns the solenoid on so the hook can be raised or lowered using switch 'a'.  (Part 'b' in the diagram.)

1 ea single pole, single throw switch.  This turns on the electromagnet as well as the red indicator LED (light emitting diode).  (Part 'c' in the diagram.)

1 ea red LED with limiting resistor.  This is a nice addition to let you know when the magnet is on.

1 ea Utility Box 3"x2"x1.5".  You can use whatever size box you wish.