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The Lionel searchable database is usable for the PostWar years from 1945 to 1969.

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Modern model railroad trends

Learn how to repair Lionel trains
where you can learn to repair your lionel trains

Do you want to repair your Lionel postwar trains? The articles purchased through this web site will enable you to gain experience on how to fix, restore, and maintain your 0-27 and O gauge model trains. I am initially focusing on the period from 1946 through 1969, commonly known as the Postwar Era. There were hundreds of thousands of trains produced by Lionel during this era and there are numerous third parties currently making replacement parts. So, potentially thousands of pieces can be put back in service, including yours.
Why should you buy my repair articles? Each article has detailed instructions with accompanying close-up pictures of how to disassemble the item, what tools are needed, how to service all the major components, e.g., motors, E-units, smoke units, power trucks, power pickup assemblies, and relays, how to test each component, and how to reassemble everything. Typically, the price of one article is less than what it would cost to have the item serviced by a qualified repairman.